Choosing a log grate for an outdoor fireplace.

The Texas Fireframe grate directs more heat into the room – even an outdoor room.

The Texas Fireframe grate directs more heat into the room – even an outdoor room.

Freestanding masonry fireplaces have become very popular in recent years. Having a fire outside greatly enhances the enjoyment of your patio or deck. Even when there’s no fire, a masonry fireplace is a beautiful addition to outdoor living spaces – creating an outdoor room that can be landscaped and even furnished. But how do you purchase a log grate for an outdoor fireplace?

Cast iron log grates – used indoors or out – burn out quickly. They’re an inexpensive choice that will cost you more money in the long run. Steel log grates last many years, but steel can rust. And stainless steel log grates are prohibitively expensive. So what’s the solution?

When you order a Texas Fireframe grate which is made of heavy-duty, long-lasting steel, you can request an extra coat of paint for outdoor use to help resist rust. And you can easily add your own coat of paint down the road, using high-heat, black spray paint that’s available at most hardware stores. You can also keep your log grate covered when it’s not in use.

How do other outdoor elements like wind affect the use of your outdoor log grate? A Texas Fireframe grate directs radiant heat out into your living space, and wind does not deter or obstruct radiant heat, making it a great choice for outdoor fireplaces. When you’re sitting outside where the temperatures are lower than indoors, the heat production of your log grate really matters. Only the Texas Fireframe grate opens up the hottest part of the fire and directs it out into the room – even when that room is defined by trees and lawn chairs.

After all the time and money you’ve invested creating a beautiful outdoor living space, it makes sense to maximize the heat output of your masonry fireplace with a Texas Fireframe grate.

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