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How a log holder won over its toughest customer.

I’ll never forget the time my neighbor Mike, the fire-building expert, watched in disbelief when I built a better fire than he did. I loaded logs onto a brand new Texas Fireframe grate that I had just gifted to him … Continue reading

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How an extra small fire grate was born.

The housing boom in America seems to be accompanied by a trend towards smaller fireplaces. I noticed this a few years ago when I received an increasing number of calls from homeowners whose fireplaces were simply too small to accommodate … Continue reading

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President of Texas Fireframe Company Serves on American Institute of Physics Development Board

  AIP’s video “One Science. Many Minds.” (The geodesic dome Nicole’s physicist father built for her and her brother made it into the film – as did some comments from her today.) Nicole Cranberg, President of the Texas Fireframe Company, is … Continue reading

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In space, no one can hear you clean.

The first thing you need if you’re building the largest, most powerful telescope in the known universe is a very large, very clean room. In the world’s largest such room, it takes 4,800 HEPA filters running nonstop to achieve “Class 10” clean – … Continue reading

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