The Texas Fireframe Company is a family business, founded by research physicist Lawrence Cranberg, Ph.D who invented the Texas Fireframe® grate in 1975.  What sets it apart from all other fireplace grates are the adjustable arms that hold logs in a unique arrangement to direct more heat into the room and less up the chimney. Time magazine dubbed his invention “The Physicist’s Fire,” followed by more raves from the press, including CBS, BBC, Time, New York Times, Money, Scientific American and Better Homes and Gardens. Even the governor of Texas wrote a fan letter calling the Texas Fireframe grate a “great device.”  It’s one of many letters from our satisfied customers. Most recently, the Texas Fireframe grate was highlighted in a book by NASA robotics engineer Arthur T. Bradley.

Our Mission:

1) To give our customers a hot, easy-to-start fire and help reduce America’s dependency on fossil fuels by maximizing the efficiency of millions of fireplaces.

2) To promote the beauty and comfort of the hearth fire.

3) To educate the public about the availability of wood as a green and renewable source of energy, and to counter erroneous claims that the fireplace is an inefficient heat source.


The best fireplace grates come in 3 sizes:

U-17, U-25 and U-33. See Order|Product specs for further details.

Fireplace grate arrives unboxed (with no packing materials), to be kinder to the environment. Gift card on recycled paper available.

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