How an extra small fire grate was born.

A view into the heart of the fire. Even our smallest fire grate produces a red-hot cavity from which intense heat is projected into the room.

A view into the heart of the fire. Even our smallest fire grate produces a red-hot cavity from which intense heat is projected into the room.

The housing boom in America seems to be accompanied by a trend towards smaller fireplaces. I noticed this a few years ago when I received an increasing number of calls from homeowners whose fireplaces were simply too small to accommodate even our smallest fire grate.

So we began exploring the possibility of scaling down our Compact fire grate to fit the smaller dimensions of these new fireplaces. At first, we were dubious about the possibility of a fire grate that’s only 12” deep being able to deliver the amount of heat that the TexasFireframe grate is known for. But after receiving many requests for a smaller size, we made some very small fire grates, using the same design as our larger grates.

The positive feedback we received was huge! Our customers with the smallest fireplaces gave us the biggest raves. Here are a few from our Customers Grate Reviews page:

The owner of one very small fire grate gave this report from Brooklyn, NY:

“WOW!!!!! I LOVE IT!!! I can’t believe how incredibly well your grate works – how effortless, how efficient, how ingenious I’m amazed! Our living room is warm (maybe even hot?) for the first time all winter. And keeping the fire burning – which was my primary impetus for researching new grates – is so easy and simple. With our old grate we had to re-light the fire, poke it & prod it constantly and still it wouldn’t stay lit. With your grate, I used 1 match to light 1 newspaper “ring” and we’ve been enjoying a roaring hot fire for the past 2 hours. I keep saying “That’s Science!” to my family, with a huge smile on my face.”

And the owner of another small fire grate reported from Georgia:

“I have never seen a fireplace with the ability to disperse heat as rapidly and as intensely as ours does with the Texas Fireframe grate. It’s very obvious it does exactly as your advertisements and testimonies say. Our living room is 15 1/2 ‘ x
16 1/2 and the Texas Fireframe will bring the temp up 8 to 10 degrees before you can bat an eye!”

We went from building them as custom grates to offering a brand new size in our line-up. Our smallest fire grates are 18” wide like our compact grate, but they’re shallower and lower – thus the initials “SL” in the name Compact SL. They may not hold quite as many logs as our larger fire grates, but they put the same laws of physics to work in the fireplace, and they produce intense heat like you’d expect from a Texas Fireframe grate.

The principle is the same: two adjustable arms open up the hottest part of the fire to the room. The result is a red-hot “furnace” that radiates intense heat into the living area, and the same easy-to-maintain fire that’s enjoyed on every size Texas Fireframe grate.

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