What To Do While Waiting For Your Fireplace Grate to Arrive

I receive lots of mail about plunging temperatures and the urgent need for a Texas Fireframe® grate to show up ASAP. I wish I could make the mail go faster, but the Post Office keeps our nationwide shipping rate low. (Thanks Uncle Sam.)

So I thought I’d give our patient customers a to-do list while waiting for their Texas Fireframe grates.

1)    Got wood?  If not, this is the time to order, gather or cut wood – split or unsplit logs up to 10 inches in diameter can be used on the Texas Fireframe grate.  Make sure your wood has seasoned for at least a year, and that you have a place to store it elevated off the ground and protected by a waterproof cover.

2)    Plan a party. You can enjoy yourself without being a slave to your fire (it’s that easy to start and maintain), and your guests will gather around and be amazed –  and warm.

3)    Wood trivia.  Know how much is in a cord? A stack of split wood 4 feet by 4 feet by 8 feet.  (Quiz later.)  If your grate is a U-25 or a U-33, you may desire logs that are longer than the standard 18”.  Don’t be shy about asking wood suppliers for longer lengths – some will comply. Many of our U-33 customers have their own wood supply and can have it cut extra long. As a U-25 user, I ask my log supplier for longer lengths and generally receive 20” – 24”. (But 18” works fine too.) The U-33 can take logs up to 2 ½ feet long.

4)    Guess the hottest fire woods.

5)    Discover how to combine split logs with an unsplit “back log” that’s yours for the taking. It’s all in our blog post Confessions of a log scavenger.

6)   Be safe:  Get a metal ash can with a snug-fitting lid. Don’t put ashes anywhere but in that can (unless you have a trapdoor for ashes in your fireplace).  IKEA sells lidded metal cans in two sizes and four colors including white. You can also find cans online from many sources.  Come spring, the ashes can be used to enrich compose or fertilize a lawn.  If your flue is overdue for a cleaning, call a chimney sweep. The flue should be inspected annually, and it’s generally advised that it be cleaned after every cord of wood that’s burned.  When you start a fire, remember to open the damper. Don’t close your damper until the fire is completely out.

7)   Read the Texas Fireframe story – if you haven’t already.

8)    Kindling is a nicety, but not a necessity.  I place two sticks of Mississippi fatwood on the front lower log before lighting the knotted newspapers. My Dad, the inventor, uses nothing but newspaper to ignite the logs.  Kindling virtually guarantees a Texas Fireframe fire will start with one match.  Without kindling, you might need a second match. Either way, starting the fire is a breeze with the Texas Fireframe grate. Fatwood kindling is readily available at most hardware stores.

9)   Buy marshmallows.

10)  Like us on Facebook.

Before you know it, your Texas Fireframe grate will show up at your front door. Don’t be surprised when it arrives unboxed with no packing materials. That’s how we ship it – to be kinder to the environment.  All you add is wood.

Warmest regards,

Nicole Cranberg


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2 Responses to What To Do While Waiting For Your Fireplace Grate to Arrive

  1. Carolyn Hall Tidd says:

    I am so happy to have found the home of the Texas Fireframe! I am saddened to hear of the passing of it’s inventor and inspired after reading of his many contributions to this crazy world we live in. It appears he fought hard for the right values and was a great man.
    I purchased my first fireframe in the late 70’s from a little shop in Columbus, GA that did not stay in business long. I used it often, lugging it from apartment to apartment as a single gal, once getting a fire so hot I had to leave the house to cool off. After I married, I taught my husband how to use it and we enjoyed many years and many, many cozy fires, until the frame finally burned its last log – only took 30 years! We began looking around town for another suitable frame, but have never been satisfied with what we found – until today. I Googled “Texas Fireframe” and immediately your website popped up. I ordered a new frame within minutes – our only discussion was of what size to get.
    We said “Merry Christmas, Honey!” and are looking forward to many more seasons of warming fires from our new frame.

    May the memories create over the years ease the pain of your father’s passing. God. Bless.
    Carolyn and Mike Tidd

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your very kind words about my father and for your wonderful story…. it truly warmed my heart. I’m so glad you found our website, and I hope you and your husband enjoy another 30 years of hot fires before you order your third Texas Fireframe grate. 🙂 Many merry Christmases to come!

      Best wishes,
      Nicole Cranberg

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